Community Garage Sale

Yellowbird is having a community-wide garage sale day:

Saturday June 6, 2015

It’s a day for YOU to have your own garage sale, in your own driveway, yard, or garage.

Want to host your own sale as a part of this community-wide event?

Participating is easy!  Just prepare your items for sale, and be prepared for customers! There is no need to register for the event, and depending on where you live, you may not even need to put up signs. If you are concerned you live in a place that may not receive a lot of traffic without direction, you may want to put up extra signs inside the neighbourhood to help people find your sale.  Yellowbird will have signs pointing people into the neighbourhood, but we will not have signs to each sale once inside the community.


Download this file with the Yellowbird Logo, print it (on yellow paper if you have it) and post it somewhere at your sale to show your participation in the event.

What will Yellowbird do?

We will advertise the event in local publications and online, including street signs directing traffic into the neighbourhood.  We hope to bring in a lot of customers to this event!  Signs inside the neighbourhood leading people to your own sale are your own responsibility, if you feel you need them.

You may participate for the entire day, or just a portion of it – it’s up to you!