Outdoor Soccer FAQs

Q: Can I write just one cheque to cover the registration fee (if I haven’t paid online), volunteer fee and uniform deposit?

A:  No.  We need separate cheques to ensure that all registration requirements are met.  It also makes it easier for the volunteers to match the cheques to the player registrations.  However, those families who have multiple players in the program can write one cheque to include all the applicable registration fees, and only one volunteer cheque is required per family.  Separate cheques for uniform deposits however will be required.

Q:  Can I pay with cash?

A:  The registration fees can be paid by cash but we prefer a cheque.  The volunteer fee and uniform deposit however must be made by cheque.  At the end of the season we will destroy all cheques where the volunteer requirement has been met and the uniform has been returned.

Q:  Who do I make out the cheque to?

A:  All cheques should be made out to Yellowbird East Community League.

Q:  Do I need a current community league membership?

A:  Yes.  EMSA requires that all players have a current community league membership before they can register (one community membership per household).

Q:  Which community do I get a membership for?

A:  You will get the membership for the community that you currently reside in.

Q:  Why do I need to bring a copy of my completed online registration form, proof of online payment, proof of age of the player, and proof of residency?

A:  All of the above information allows us to confirm the information that has been posted to the household account as part of the registration process.  The copy of the registration is part of the records of the community soccer program.

Q:  Why do I need to provide a volunteer deposit cheque?

A:  The Yellowbird Community Soccer program runs exclusively by volunteers, from the soccer coordinators, to the coaches to the parents who set up the nets. With over 25 teams and 300 players, the amount of work done to run the program efficiently and effectively is enormous. By asking the parents of the registered players to help out during the season we can ensure that the Yellowbird soccer program is successful and that both the players and parents can be proud of their community.

Volunteer opportunities are noted on the registration form and we will also have sign up sheets at the payment sessions.

Q:  What happens if I am unable to make it to the registration payments sessions?

A:  If you are unable to make the payments sessions please contact the Yellowbird Soccer Director at (soccer@yellowbirdcl.com) to make alternate arrangements.

Q:  What happens if I am a “late registration”?

A:  Yellowbird will accept your child’s registration and mark it as “late”.
Please be aware that for all “late” registrations a $50 late fee is applied. During the process of creating teams, we assign all of the on-time registrants first – if there are still spots open, then we assign the “late registrations.” If all the Yellowbird teams are full then we will look to see if any of the neighboring communities can use an extra player. All attempts will be made to place your child on a Yellowbird team first.

Q:  What do I do if I want to play in another community?

A:  You will still register with your home community (the community you reside in) and make note on your registration form as to which community that you would like to play in. The sports director will contact the other community and make a transfer request. Please note that all players for the community have to be placed first before we can place any players from outside the community. If the community has room, you will be transferred. If the community is full, then your transfer will be declined and you will be placed on a team in your community.

Q:  How are the teams made up?

A:  The teams are made up based on the information you entered on the on-line registration form along with the number of coaches we have available. The soccer coordinators will make all attempts to place you on a team based on your friend or coach request. But please keep in mind that this may not happen in each case. For example if there are too many players requesting to be on the same team, not everyone will be assigned to that team. We may also have the situation where we do not have a coach for a specific age group and gender (boys or girls) and those players may have to be assigned to other communities.

Q:  After signing up for soccer, my child does not want to play anymore. Do I get a refund of our registration fees and what happens to our deposits for volunteers and jerseys?

A:  Refunds on registration fees depend on when you notify us in writing that your child is not playing anymore. You must notify us in writing or by email.
If notification is received at least two weeks before the season starts, you will receive a refund of your registration fees less a $25 administration charge. If you notify us less than two weeks before the season starts, but before one week after the season has started, you will receive a refund of 50% of your registration fees. If you notify us anytime after the first week of the season is completed, there will be no refund.
Jersey deposits will be returned as long as any jersey that has been issued is returned.

Volunteer cheques will not be cashed if your child has decided not to play before the end of the first week after the season has started. After that if your child has decided not to continue playing, you will still be expected to perform your volunteer duty. The volunteer cheques will be cashed if you have not fulfilled that your volunteer role.

Community league memberships will not be refunded under any circumstance.