Our soccer program is always in need of young referees.  If you are interested in becoming a Centre Referee or an Assistant Referee please refer to the following sites:

Go to to register for either Mini course or Entry Level course to become a Centre Referee.

Go to for information on various training courses available.

Our sister community Twin Brooks is also offering a Mini Ref course on April 16, 2016.  Please register at the Alberta Soccer Association website.

Referee payments (U8 to U12) are in cash at the end of the game.  Assistant Referee payments are also paid in cash at the end of the game.  Payments are as follows:

Centre Referee U8 = $20
Centre Referee U10-U12 = $35
Centre Referee U14 = $53
Centre Referee U16 = $58
Centre Referee U18 = $60

Assistant Ref (Linesman) = $35

If you have any questions please contact Mary Hilbrecht at