Building Housing Choices in Keheewin

Ensuring there are housing choices to meet the needs of everyone is a priority for the City of Edmonton. Our city is growing and transforming as more and more people move here to live and raise families—a total of 60,000 between 2012-2014 alone! It’s expected that our population will hit one million within the decade and double in 30 years. However, Edmonton has a long-standing shortage of housing within financial reach of many, including young people, families and seniors.

City Council is developing strategies and initiatives to help meet current and future housing needs for all residents at all income levels. They’ve approved an approach that will repurpose undeveloped building sites for housing development. These are locations that were previously earmarked for a school, but where a school has never been built.

Communities with undeveloped building sites include Belmont, Dunluce, La Perle (West), Lymburn and Summerlea north of the river, and Henderson Estates, Keheewin, Kiniski Gardens (South) and Ogilvie Ridge in the south. The Keheewin site, currently marked by a sign, is located at 1910 – 105 Street.

Sustainability for Edmonton means growing in, up and out. In – with more housing choices in existing neighbourhoods, Up – with higher density choices in the core and Out – with developments in the suburbs. Repurposing undeveloped building sites allows the City to grow “in”. This strategy helps keep the city compact, brings new families into existing communities and supports sustainable and vibrant communities.

In a new policy approved in July 2015, City Council determined that the future developments on undeveloped building sites will include both market and affordable housing (indistinguishable from each other), and a density of 40 to 125 units per net residential hectare. This mix of market and affordable housing will help Edmonton achieve its core strategy to attract and keep residents in an affordable and vibrant city.

Community Conversation BEGINS!

As a resident of Keheewin, you are invited and encouraged to be a part of the discussion and process of determining the form of new residential development in your neighbourhood. Your input can influence the future development of the site and any additional features or secondary elements that could be incorporated into the development as a benefit to residents. Please join the conversation on

Monday, October 26
between 5:30 and 8:30pm
Yellowbird Community Hall (10710 19 Avenue)

For more information, visit or email

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