Outdoor soccer registration for 2022

IMPORTANT: The information below is subject to change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Information will be updated when it becomes available.
  • Buy or have your current community league membership at


  • This year all registrations will be online only. Please register online beginning January 15, 2022 at

  • Soccer Season is estimated to begin May 2, 2022.
  • Volunteer and Uniform Deposits will be collected at the first practice.
  • Playing times may be subject to change.
Volunteer Deposit Uniform Deposit Age Group Birth Year Playing Times Fees
$200 No Uniform Deposit U4 Grassroots 2018 Saturday Mornings $100
$200 No Uniform Deposit U5 Grassroots 2017 Saturday Mornings $100
$200 No Uniform Deposit U6 Grassroots 2016 Saturday Mornings $100
$200 No Uniform Deposit U7 2015-2016 Mon/Wed
$200 $50 U9 2013-2014 Tues/Thurs
$200 $50 U11 2011-2012 Mon/Wed
$200 $50 U13 2009-2010 Tues/Thurs
$200 $50 U15 2007-2008 Mon/Wed
$200 $50 U17 2005-2006 Sunday / Thursday $210
$200 $50 U19 2003-2004 Sunday / Tuesday $230

Volunteer Requirements: Yellowbird & Ermineskin soccer is run entirely by volunteers. Please consider helping out in any capacity. Some key positions we need filled:

  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches: Soccer couldn’t happen without these dedicated parents! Never coached before or want to brush up on some skills? EMSA offers 3 hour courses at all age levels and YBCL will reimburse your course fee with a receipt.
  • Team Manager: Help the coach manage practice schedules, communication with team players and collect deposits and funds for the program.
  • Sports Equipment Helpers: Total of 3 positions are needed for the season.
  • Field Lining Helpers: Total of 3 spots available. This role requires you to do field lining a few times per season. The Field Lining Coordinator will train and put together a schedule.

For more information regarding the Yellowbird soccer program contact: Soccer Coordinator: .

Refund Policy
No refunds will be issued after April 24, 2022. Please note, refunds issued prior to
April 24, 2022 will be subject to cost refund structure from SWEMSA.