Family Day Treasure Hunt

❄️ Family Day Fun! ❄️❄️

Come on out for some socially-distant family fun!
We are having a puzzle treasure hunt at Keheewin field on Family Day:

Monday February 15
12pm – 2pm

Come to the community league during that time to pick up a map, or print your own map at home (click on the map to the left to open it).

Visit the marked locations on the map (the empty white dots), solve the puzzles you find there, and gather the clues to discover where our Community Spirit has been hidden, and how to release it back to the people!

Tip for social distance treasure hunting: when you find a puzzle poster at a location, take a photo of it with your phone so you can move away and allow other people to see the poster. You and your family can then look at the phone instead.

❄️ Bring your completed map to the Yellowbird Community League before the end of the event. There are prizes for the families who can solve all the puzzles! ❄️

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